nervecenter 6.0 logmatrix

NerveCenter Version 6.1 New Features

Download the full Release Notes NerveCenter-6.1.00-Release-Notes.   NerveCenter 6.1 release contains everything included in the NerveCenter 6.0.xx releases.  NC6.1 adds the following functionality, relative to NC6.0.xx:   Customers expressed a need for enhancements to NerveCenter’s Trap Forwarding capabilities as a supported alternative to BMC’s former TrapBlaster and Concord’s former Trap Exploder applications.  The NC6.1 release includes [...]

Custom Logic for Intelligent Polling

How Much Polling is Enough?   With more and more riding on a business’s ability to have its enterprise network perform at a high level, network managers continue to push the envelope in terms of polling frequency for network assets.  Especially in larger, more complex networks, network operators are pressured to poll literally tens of [...]

Polling Multiple Objects “On-the-fly” in a Single Poll

Simple Polling Doesn’t Give the Whole Story    Polling for single objects and then applying a simple threshold or basic if/then logic to the resulting data is something many network monitoring tools can do.  However, this doesn’t provide the complete picture of the true condition (or “state”) of the devices or services being managed.  For network [...]

Intelligently Forward v1, v2 and v3 Traps

Efficient Trap “Blasting” Techniques As network operators continue to rely on trap information to ensure they are effectively managing their networks, they are faced with increasing challenges as trap volumes continue to rise and the introduction of SNMP v3 traps brings in added complexity.  In addition, some legacy tools focused on simple trap forwarding are [...]

nervecenter 6.0 logmatrix

NerveCenter Version 6.0.03 (bld17) New Features

NerveCenter Version 6.0.03 includes the following new features.  Download the full Release Notes NerveCenter- New Features: NC6.0 NerveCenter 6.0 release contains everything included in the NC5.1.06 and NC5.2 releases. NC6.0 adds the following additional functionality, relative to NC5.1.06: The NerveCenter Server for Windows product installation process has been replaced. The new installer enables installation and [...]

Receive Only Actionable Alerts Through Event Correlation And Avoid Fault Storms

Many network monitoring solutions overload the NOC with redundant and insignificant network alerts.  The volume of alerts can be overwhelming and create confusion of which alert to address first.  Missing the priority can cause outages, user frustration or violation of SLAs. NerveCenter can reduce the alert storms and present operators with only actionable alerts.  With [...]


Flat File Monitoring with NerveCenter LogAgent

Many purchased and proprietary applications log activities and messages to flat files.  These files can contain an overwhelming number of messages.  Mining important logged messages from the flat file is necessary to identify specific messages about events of interest that are logged. In Unix / Linux environments, messages logged to flat files can be seen [...]

LogMatrix Enables New Product Offering

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – LogMatrix Marlborough, MA – January 5, 2013 – LogMatrix announced today that a leading provider of digital video projector equipment has implemented LogMatrix’s flagship NerveCenter software in a new product offering for its customers.  In this unique and exciting new use case, NerveCenter will be used as the logic [...]

The Value of Monitoring Windows Applications

Why is it important to monitor windows application? Windows applications affect:  user experience  productivity  performance  security What’s more, resolving application problems can be a drain on IT’s time and resources. If you’re running your business on an SQL server and it goes down, customers can’t buy your product.  If you use Exchange and performance goes [...]


Monitoring Databases

Databases are critical to your business operations.  They sit on top of your IT infrastructure and are interwoven with your applications.  When issues arise in your IT Operations, it is important to isolate the root cause quickly.  Is the issue in the infrastructure layer, with the applications, or within the databases?  Monitoring all 3 in [...]